A Fresh New Change For SEPAC

I have decided to resign as the Leader of SEPAC, effective immediately and I am delighted to welcome Ms. Deborah Gordon-Goodrich as our new Bloomfield SEPAC LEADER!

You will know Ms. Gordon-Goodrich who has served with great diligence and compassion as one of our Team Leaders for several years and I am delighted to see her leading SEPAC in new and innovative directions. You can look forward to great things with her at the helm.

I am indebted to my fellow SEPAC Board, Ms. Nicole Dyer-Foncello and Ms. Catzel LaVecchia along with Deborah, for their wonderful and very generous support over the time I have served as Leader. Thanks too, to Ms. Carla Anez who always helped me out of a jam with translations and to the Bloomfield School District Staff who have worked together in the spirit of cooperation as often as possible. Lastly, I am most grateful to you our SEPAC Parents who have participated in our Meetings and helped us work to find solutions to help our kids. Parents helping Parents is why we are here.

Looking forward to a great new School Year for everyone.

Very truly yours,

Greg Lombardi