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“My Autism,” – by George. A 9 year old makes a video to explain his autism to others.

   “Most of the time I can make eye contact with you when you speak to me. That wasn’t always the case. Like a lot of other kids with autism I might not have been looking, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t listening.”

“Speaking of listening, I can hear and see a lot of things and sounds all at the same time which sometimes makes it hard to focus on any one sound or thought. That’s why it may take a little more time to answer you when you ask me a question.”

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Thank You For The Parents Workshop!


Thank you to Elizabeth Dunlea, LCSW & Sandra McClurg, LCSW and Bloomfield’s DIrector of Special Services, Keri Regina for the very informative and innovative Parents Workshop on Teen Mental Health.

The warning signs about risks for Teen Suicide and the importance of being in the know about kids Social Media were particularly helpful.

Thanks again for a very helpful evening.