START/SPAN Inclusion Webinar Sept. 14th at Noon.

From SPAN:

“Join us for a lunchtime webinar for parents and caregivers that focuses on best practices in supporting the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education programs to improve student outcomes. Inclusion is the practice of educating ALL students together – student with disabilities and students without disabilities- regardless of their abilities or readiness. Studies show that students with mild to significant disabilities in inclusive settings have increased academic achievement. Learn strategies for parents to effectively partner with their schools and districts in promoting best practices in inclusive education. Hear from parents that share their stories about the benefits of inclusion and why it is never too late to think about including your child. Participants will: *Learn the benefits of inclusion for ALL children *Become familiar with strategies and resources that enable families and educators to work collaboratively to create goals to support inclusion throughout the IEP decision-making process *Hear from parents and their experiences with inclusion *Identify next-steps for an inclusive climate in schools.”