BMS Student Plays Piano in Mini-Concert!

Pianist and Composer, Barry Spatz played a beautiful concert today (March 13, 2016) as part of the Music at Immaculate Concert Series, at The Church of The Immaculate Conception in Montclair. Mr. Spatz played a lively and eclectic blend of Jazz Piano pieces including Kurt Weill and Bill Evans numbers and one of his own compositions, “The Green Monk.” He was very well received by a most appreciative crowd.

Ms. Erica Spatz is a teacher at Bloomfield Middle School and the sister of Mr. Barry Spatz. She was aware of the piano playing talents of one of her students, seventh grader, Drew Abney. Ms. Spatz very thoughtfully invited Drew to attend the concert. Drew was very excited to see it. Then she went one giant step further. She arranged with her brother to let Drew play some piano after Mr. Spatz’s concert had concluded!

Drew watched the show with great interest and towards the end of the program he started flexing his fingers and playing a bit of air piano. Now it was time. The audience gave Mr. Spatz very loud applause and after he took his well deserved bows, he met with Drew and then Drew sat at the piano and began to play marvelous bits from his extensive repertoire; including Scott Joplin’s rather tricky Maple Leaf Rag.

It was so very kind and generous of Mr. Spatz to allow Drew to play and to encourage him as he did. BMS Teacher Ms. Erica Spatz really went out of her way to coordinate things with her brother and to think of Drew and encourage him to play at the huge beautiful grand piano in the Church, as well-wishers surrounded Mr. Spatz and welcome Drew as he played.

It was a very lovely afternoon for all.