We were delighted to have  the very knowledgeable and very engaging Ms. Dawn Monaco of NJ SPAN give us an in depth look at Transition for older special education students. Ms. Monaco cautioned that the time to begin learning about Transition was at least “five years before your child will need it.” Many parents commented that they were glad they came to the meeting because there was a great deal they didn’t know about the importance of Transition and the information presented at this meeting served as a wake-up call regarding all that there is to learn about it.

Thank you to all our parents and school staff who were able to attend and special thanks to Brookdale Elementary School Principal, Joseph Fleres, for his kind hospitality and the use and abuse of his school.  It was a cold wintry evening outside, but we learned a good deal of heartwarming and vital information inside. Many thanks to Ms. Dawn Monaco for her outstanding and inspiring presentation!

Please keep your eyes out for Special Services Director Linda Colucci’s upcoming Parent Partnership special Forum about Anxiety in February. (Possibly, February 24th? The date and location will be firmed up and announced shortly).

Our next SEPAC Meeting will be March 16, 2016 at Berkeley School, with S. Paul Prior Esq. of the law firm of Hingle, Fingles, Prior and Fischer, speaking. He will give us the benefit of his advice on advocating for your child and helping to get and  keep the special services your child needs; as well as a bit about Guardianship for kids who are between 18-21 years of age.