The ABLE ACT – Tax Exempt Savings Accounts for People With Disabilities

smallsepac (2)The ABLE Act (Achieving a Better Life Experience Act) is a Federal Law that allows for the establishing of tax-free accounts that enable individuals with disabilities to invest with financial institutions without losing their government benefits. – See more at:

Auditory Processing Disorder – Simulator

logo_sepacResearch, testing and recognition of Auditory Processing Disorder has resulted in a larger number of students  being diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) also sometimes called  Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Students with APD have great difficulty in processing and prioritizing the sounds they hear.  This in turn can result in a learning disability that often greatly impairs  the student’s ability to understand school lessons and to communicate their thoughts, ideas and understanding or the lack of understanding of things.

The following is a video that simulates the way a person with APD hears and interprets a teacher’s lesson in school.

OPEN HOUSE at DCF Regional School Newark – 10-21-15

From Donna Leedy about the DCF Regional School Open House:

“On Wednesday,October 21, 2015 the DCF Regional School of Essex County Newark Campus will be holding an open house to introduce parents to the school. There will also be very informative representatives from various groups such as the commission for the blind, Medicaid, family support, etc. This will be a great opportunity to meet parents in our special needs community and gain knowledge to advocate for your child. Please put the date aside and bring a friend.

Donna Leedy”

What are YOUR questions for Superintendent Goncalves? …Next SEPAC Meeting… 9-16-15 @ Franklin School… 7-9- PM

logo_sepac1blueIf you have some questions you would like Superintendent Salvatore Goncalves to reply to at our Sept. 16th Bloomfield SEPAC Meeting at Franklin School. (from 7 – 9 PM) please submit them to us here NOW at Bloomfield SEPAC via e-mail  at:   

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Please state in your e-mail if you would like your question submitted along with your name or anonymously.

We look forward to seeing you at our September 16th Meeting at Franklin School.

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Gregory Lombardi – Bloomfield SEPAC Moderator