Bloomfield Police Dept. Reaches Out To Helps Special Needs Children & Their Parents


Bloomfield Detective Sergeant G. Ricci and members of The Bloomfield Police Department Youth Aid  Unit,  presented a comprehensive plan at our November SEPAC Meeting that would enhance the Police Departments ability to find a lost youth or person with special needs and to do so more quickly too. The Department is reaching out to our Special Needs Community to urge parents and guardians of special needs children and adults to complete an Emergency Information Form and have the form on file with the Bloomfield Police Department.

This program greatly speeds up Police Officers work because it gives them helpful information, including a description and photo of your special needs child ahead of time,  If your child wanders off or is missing, this information can be accessed by the computers that are in our Officers patrol vehicles.

Please download and read Police Director Samuel A. DeMaio‘s letter below, that further outlines this important program; as well as the form (2 pages)  then file it with the Police Department. (Please don’t forget to include a Passport-sized,  current photo of your child.)