Synopsis of Our 3-18-15 SEPAC MEETING



Thank you to all the Bloomfield Parents, Educators and Administrators who attend last night’s SEPAC Meeting at Demarest School.

Bloomfield SEPAC Moderator, Mrs. Catzel L. Bumpus showed a very moving video called,  “I Can’t Do This, But I CAN Do That.” It featured kids of different ages with various special needs, dyslexia, Autism, APD etc., talking about their disabilities and how teachers and other students have made them feel badly about themselves at times. They also talked about their achievements in life, triumphing over their obstacles.

The entire film, including the narration itself was done totally using the voices of the kids. That made it more a group of personal stories, rather than just another documentary.  I know I saw a bit of our own child and I think the audience saw a some bits of their children and their child’s struggles mirrored in the kids from the video. The scene of the struggles of one kid doing his homework could easily have been any night with our daughter’s homework sessions with my wife here. Mrs. Bumpus led the discussion about the film afterwards and  our Members shared how it pertained to them personally

We were privileged to have Ms. Kasey Dudley of New Jersey SPAN, who is a parent and a fellow Bloomfielder as well give her talk about handling special needs situations and Ms. Dudley spoke of her struggles with special needs of some of the people in her life. She also gave us some Resources to research for guidance and help. We are very grateful to Ms. Dudley for taking the time to come and present for us.

We had lots of familiar faces and we also welcomed a table of Parents who were new to SEPAC until last night. Some were very shy at first, but when we did the Marvelous Marble Of Achievements at the end, as soon as they grasped how it went, they joined in with high points about their own kids.

One Mom said she was so glad she came because she thought she was all alone in this and now she could see she was not.

That is the major focus and point of Bloomfield SEPAC Folks! Parents helping Parents.


Thanks again to all in attendance and special thanks to Demarest Principal Mary Todaro for her very gracious hospitality and the happily received refreshments and coffee.