Thank you to all who took the time to attend last night’s (Jan.21, 2015) BLOOMFIELD SEPAC MEETING. Special thanks to the FAIRVIEW HOME & SCHOOL ASSOCIATION Parents who provided refreshments for the meeting. The topics discussed were an update on all the SEPAC Meetings so far in this 2014-2015 School Year including:

The great programs the Bloomfield Recreation Department has for Special Needs kids under age 17, at Carteret School most Friday nights, a Canteen for Special Needs folks over 17, that includes short trips and fun nights up on various Friday nights.

Tips on helping your children from an Occupational Therapist.

A great new program by the Bloomfield Police Department where parents can sign up with the program to register their Special Needs child in the event the child is lost or missing. This will enable the Police to immediately begin search for a lost child, rather than use up valuable time getting the child’s personal details from the parents. It  will also get this information, including a photo of the child, and places of preference of the child sent directly into Bloomfield Police Patrol vehicles and will also be shared with neighboring towns if a search is needed.

Thanks to Bloomfield Schools District Director of Special Services Linda Colucci, who presented helpful ways to work more easily with your child’s Child Study Team and we also discussed ways to better your child’s IEP or a 504 Plan and your rights at an IEP Meeting or official School Evaluation of your child

It was great to see our core group of Members attending, along with BOE Member Michael Heller and we were delighted to see a couple of dozen new members as well.

The Meeting closed as usual with our members sharing some positive stories about things they were thankful for and some developments or successes their children have made recently. 

It was a fine evening of Parents helping Parents and sharing information which is what Bloomfield SEPAC is all about.  

Our next SEPAC Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, MARCH 18, 2015.