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Our Bloomfield SEPAC Meeting at BMS,  WED..7-9 PM will have Tips for You and Your Special Needs Child from and Occupational Therapist and the Bloomfield Police Youth Division Officers will explain a program where you can give identifying information to the Police Dept. about your child and their special needs; (sometimes kids are non-verbal as well) along with contact info. even add a photo, etc. Should you child wander away or get lost, this information will help speed the Police efforts to find and help your child.

Parents of Special Needs kids are among the most pro-active of all. Come on down to our meeting and help yourself learn how to help your child.  All are welcome.


2 thoughts on “SEPAC MEETING at BMS WED. 11-19 AGENDA

  1. Why am I hearing of more and more children with IEP’s being bullied, suffering from PTSD and ODD? Something, somewhere is not right in the school system. Your teachers do not handle the situations correctly at all and cause these children to become fearful of going to school. Not only do you blame the parent’s but you have abused the use of DYFS. Harassed the mom’s and dad’s and siblings of these children. I am just about ready to start blogging on this issue to see how many more parents in the Bloomfield School system are feeling the same way as I am. You’ve left my son out in the cold for over 1 year now. And nothing has been resolved. Now I hear of other children having the same problems that my son has. You need to look within yourselves as Educators and fix it.

    1. We do hear you Ms. Gibson and clearly these kinds problems for special needs children should be addressed with the School District. It is important for you to know that Bloomfield SEPAC is a PARENT Volunteer Organization and we are NOT part of or paid for by the Bloomfield School District or the Bloomfield Board of Education. But we do hold meetings in Bloomfield Schools and we try whenever possible to work in cooperation with the School District to help parents like yourself to resolve whatever issues that parents bring up. At our Bloomfield SEPAC Meetings you will often find School Personnel, Principals, Special Services Administrators, Teachers, Aides and other parents facing various problems. Everyone is there to help; whether it is to just lend some emotional support or to address a specific issue. We had a few parents at our last meeting with some concerns they expressed privately and the Special Services personnel were immediately responsive to their needs.

      So we, the school parents of SEPAC, are on the same side as you are and we do try to help other parents, by giving some information or perhaps introducing you to the people or departments that can deal with specific problems and complaints. If you would like to contact me with the specifics of the problems you are facing, we will do whatever possible to help get you on the track to setting things right for you and your child. My e-mail is We do look forward to trying to bring some help to you for your situation.
      – Gregory Lombardi, Bloomfield SEPAC Moderator.

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