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Dyslexia Information

The following information on Dyslexia is from Susan Barton’s company, Bright Solutions for Dyslexia Inc.:


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October 1, 2014
Susan Barton
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Dyslexia Talks
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October 24, 2014
Parker, CO

October 26, 2014
Loveland, CO


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October 25, 2014
Denver, CO

November 15, 2014 and
November 16, 2014
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Dyslexia Awareness Month
Dyslexia Comes with Gifted Areas

The Science of Dyslexia

Tutoring is Important

How Teachers Can Help

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Dyslexia Awareness Month
0 Dyslexia BraceletOctober is Dyslexia Awareness Month.  Show your support by wearing yourDyslexia Awareness Bracelet.

The governors of 24 stateshave declared October as Dyslexia Awareness Month or have issued Dyslexia Handbooks.  To see if yours is on the list, click here.Contact your state’s Decoding Dyslexia group to take part in a local dyslexia awareness event. This parent-led grassroots movement now has groups in 46 states.

Dyslexia Comes with Gifted Areas
0 Susan Barton Interview

Susan Barton: A Strength Based Approach to Dyslexia

Video Interview with Elisheva Meschainov-Schwartz
Host of The Dyslexia Quest

“The giftedness in Dyslexia is so often overlooked it drives me crazy! Another way to find dyslexics, is to stop looking at individuals who are terrible with spelling, and to start looking for individuals who excel in particular areas.” — Susan Barton

To watch this interview, click here.

To watch Elisheva’s other interviews in her Dyslexia Quest series, click here.
Decoding Dyslexia created this great graphic of just a few of the many Dyslexic Strengths.

Susan Barton does not know who created this poster called “These individuals made a difference because of their difference.”

For an even longer list of famous successful dyslexics, click here.


The Science of Dyslexia
0 US HouseAt the U.S. House Hearing on the Science of Dyslexia two weeks ago, Max Brooks made a moving plea for universal early screening for dyslexia, as did Bill Cassidy.

Several researchers, including Sally Shaywitz, shared that we do not need more research.  We need action.

Click here to watch that historic hearing.


Tutoring is Important
0 Barton ReadingThe reading, spelling, and writing skills of people with dyslexia can greatly improve with the right type of tutoring.

The Barton Reading & Spelling Systemis one of the best, and I am thrilled when parents, teachers, and tutors post Facebook comments like this:

One of my students, who has been tutored three times a week, has just finished level 4. He has made so much progress and growth in his academics that he has now tested out of special education.

This boy is in 8th grade, and he now carries himself with a different posture then he did 6 months ago.

In fact, he is now teaching his friends and family about dyslexia and is learning to be a self-advocate.

Karen Marttinen, Certified Barton Tutor
Buffalo, MN

To see a few more of the many comments posted on Facebook about the Barton System, click here.

How Teachers Can Help
0 Here are 37 things teachers can do to make things better for the dyslexic students in their classroom.

The International Dyslexia Association sent Dyslexia in the Classroom to every school to help teachers pinpoint students with dyslexia – and know how to help them.  If you did not get one, click here.

Please share “10 things every child with dyslexia wants you to know” with your child’s teacher.

Teacher Tips

Keep up with the latest
0 NewsSusan Barton will be a speaker at Learning Ally’s on-line Dyslexia Conference on December 5.

Meet Susan Barton in person at the International Dyslexia Association’s annual conference in San Diego, November 12 to 15. She will be at the Barton Reading & Spelling System booth, # 119.




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Susan Barton Dyslexia Stories


Thanks to  Mrs. Misa Kastrati, who submitted this information to us here at Bloomfield SEPAC.


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