Notes from the 9/17 SEPAC Meeting

20140918_094943_resized I am very pleased to say that our first SEPAC Meeting of the year was a bit of everything helpful. There was some useful information, knowledgeable speakers and some very frank and heartfelt exchanges of ideas. 

Special thanks to all of our Panel this month, Mrs. Catzel Bumpus, the SEPAC BOE Liaison, Linda Colucci, the Bloomfield School District Director of Special Services, Mike Sceurman, Director of Bloomfield Parks & Recreation, John Baltz. Assistant Director and their Bloomfield Parks & Recreation Staff. There was a helpful Question and Answer period with the members of the audience. 

One of the results from this meeting you will see very shortly.  That is a link between SEPAC and The Rec Department’s website. So our SEPAC folks will easily find out the many programs the Rec Depart offers; including those geared for Special Needs people.

We finished the meeting on a high note with The Marvelous Marble. It is something to experience for yourself, as I find it tough to explain, but I think one SEPAC Member described it rather eloquently to me after the meeting saying:

“We shared successes, positive moments in our kids’ lives, in our own lives, etc. each gemstone represents an individual triumph, and the bowl our collective growth.”  It was a positive ending for a wonderfully positive meeting. Extra special thanks to all our SEPAC Parents who made time to attend the meeting. Keep your eye out for our next SEPAC Meeting, which is scheduled for Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at Bloomfield Middle School, from 7 – 9 P.M.

– G.Lombardi