More Summer Camp Resources

The following web resources may assist you in your search for a Summer Camp for your child.

 From the Family Support Center of NJ 

Planning for Camp: Financial Assistance Applications Available
Camp NOVA (for ages 12-28)
August 3-9
Bounce Out the Stigma (for ages 8 -21)
 July 21-25 or August 11-15
Super NOVA (for ages 29+)
September 19-21

Ignoring yesterday’s snow fall and blustery wind, we’d like to think summer is just around the corner! Below you will find application information for camp financial assistance camp from both DDD and DCF.
Please take note of the camps listed to the left, provided by our sister organizations, The Family Resource Network and Epilepsy Foundation of NJ. All are DDD qualified camps (DCF qualification pending). You can find more information about these camps at
Age 20 and Under
Over 21
DCF Summer Camp Resources through PerformCare

The application forms for financial support toward summer camp tuition and one-to-one aide is now available.  Applications will be accepted through April 30, 2014.


List of Qualified Children’s System of Care (CSOC) Camps*


*NOTE FROM PERFORMCARE WEBSITE: The Qualified Camp Provider List is updated as camps become qualified. Due to health certificate requirements, most camps will not be qualified until sometime in April.

DDD’s Guide to Funding for Camp Services
The deadline for submitting requests for DDD camp funding is Monday, May 5th.

List of DDD Qualified Camps*

*The link above will take you to DDD’s database of all qualified providers. To search for qualified camps, choose “Camp” from the provided list of Day Supports Services, then enter the city, county, or zip code you’d like to search in.






The ARC of NJ- Advocates for those with Disabilities


Family Support Center of NJ