Meet The Schools Superintendent Candidates – Sept. 17. 2013 – 4 P.M.

Reorted from The Bloomfield Patch – Originally Posted by Adam Bulger (Editor) , September 05, 2013 at 03:17 PM

“Public Invited To Attend Superintendent Stakeholder Meeting

Public can listen but not participate during Q&A session.

Bloomfield BOE President Emily M. Smith announced last month that school groups and the public could hear from finalists for the School District Superintendent position at two meetings in September.

The original announcement called for two separate sessions, one for “stakeholders” and one for the public at large. Per an announcement on the district’s website this week, the public can now attend both meetings but can still address the Superintendent candidates only at one meeting.

The finalists will be presented separately in a 45-minute session that will begin with a five-minute introduction of the three finalists followed by 40 minutes of questions from district stakeholder representatives. The School Board said in the announcement the public can attend and listen during the meeting.

Attendees will receive copies candidates’ resumes and can write comments or questions for the BOE’s consideration on cards.

The general public is also invited to a second meeting with two finalist candidates on Wednesday, Sept. 25 in the BHS auditorium. Dr. Barbara Strobert, a Seton Hall educator who facilitated other superintendent meetings for the BOE, will moderate both sessions. Per the announcement, Board members will attend the sessions as observers.

At their meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 27, the board voted 4-to-2 against member Mary Shaughnessy’s motion to include all stakeholders at the first meet-and-greet with candidates, Bloomfield Life reported.”