National Center For Learning Disabilities (NCLD)

From the NCLD Site:

“NCLD team member Jillian Levy has a high IQ, perfect vision…and dyslexia. As a young child, she went through a difficult period of diagnosis, during which she was subject to a common myth about dyslexia. Her story is a touching one. Here’s an excerpt:

“Imagine the level of frustration a young child must feel when he or she is truly putting all their effort into comprehending what they are reading, yet is unable to grasp any of the information. When I was in fourth grade I felt this frustration. I was told by many of my teachers that I ‘wasn’t trying’ or ‘didn’t care’ about the work, which left me feeling trapped. I had no way of proving that I wasn’t lazy and without a diagnosis of some sort, I didn’t know what to do.”

Read on to learn what dyslexia treatment myth she encountered and the valuable lessons she gained from the experience.

The NCLD Team

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