From The National Center for Learning Disabilities:

“As part of LD Awareness Month, we are spotlighting dyslexia.NCLD is excited to announce the release of our new Dyslexia Toolkit. This guide is filled with the resources and tools you need to understand dyslexia, recognize the common warning signs in children of all ages, and steps to take if you think your child may have dyslexia.

Often undiagnosed in children and teens, dyslexia impacts an estimated 15% of people and is a lifelong challenge for the individual diagnosed and for his or her parents, siblings, and teachers.

NCLD is here to help navigate what can be a confusing time for both you and your child. We’ve got just the tips and tools you need—whether your child is 5, 15, or 25.”     THE DYSLEXIA TOOLKIT – Press Here

An Essential resource Provided by:

The National Center for Learning Disabilities