SEPAC MEETING MINUTES – for May 21, 2012


SEPAC MEETING MINUTES – Monday, May 21, 2012

Franklin Elementary School

 Warm welcome extended to all and March meeting minutes were briefly reviewed.

Nick Dotoli, Director of Human Resources/Personnel and Counsel to the BOE addressed measures to be taken in filling two open positions in the Department of Special:  Director and Supervisor 7th through 12th. Candidates will be fully vetted during the summer months.  SEPAC will have input and have representation on the interviewing committee.  The goal is to fill these positions by September 1, 2012.

SEPAC Board Members briefly reviewed the following:

  • Principals’ presentation (February)
  • “Seek to Include … Choose to Include” Smile Card viewed.
  • Horizon High School’s presentation Hunchback of Notre Dame:  Every child reaching their full potential; learning from those with disAbilities.
  • NJCIE’s Inclusion Summit progress toward goals of the respective subcommittees:  RTI; Including Pre-K and Younger in Our Communities; Including Students with Autism in the Gen. Ed. Class; Transition to Post-Secondary Education and Paid Employment.
  • Franklin School students and several others throughout the District showcased at the Township’s Town Paints event.
  • Audience input requested as to future initiatives supported by SEPAC and needs to be met.

Presenter:  Sudha Ramaswamy, Behavioral Consultant, Bloomfield Public Schools.

Topic:  “Strategies for Success: Creating the Inclusive Classroom.

Presentation highlights:

  • Examples given – differentiating the curriculum to allow all learners to gain access to the material.
  • Setting up the classroom for success: grouping students; best use of personnel and classroom.
  • Methodologies discussed:  One Teach, One Support; Station Teaching; Parallel Teaching; Alternative Teaching; Team Teaching.
  • Focus of lecture: Differentiation whereby curriculum is modified to allow students to access instruction and/or meet learning objectives; paying attention to what the student needs to  learn and how the student will gain access.
  • Individualized plans encompass sensory, physical motor, health, and behavioral needs.
  • Instruction is tailored to meet the needs of a specific student.


  • NJCIE’s Annual Conference scheduled for June 27th and 28th.
  • SEPAC kickoff meeting scheduled for September 19, 2012, at Oakview School.
  • Have a great summer!