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Give Us Your Feedback!

We want to hear from you! If you attended the SEPAC meeting on Monday night, please leave us a quick comment about the content and presentation given. As an organization we want to serve the community and address felt needs. Please help us do that by letting us know what was helpful and what you would like to see more of in the future. What was good, bad or confusing? Any other comments? Please share this post with others. Thanks for giving us a few minutes of your time.


3 thoughts on “Give Us Your Feedback!

    1. “IDEA (Individuals with DisAbilities Education Act) – The Federal law that guarantees children with physical and intellectual disAbilities a ‘Free Appropriate Public Education’ in the ‘Least Restrictive Environment.” (FAPE; LRE)
      “LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) – Children with disAbilities should be educated within the regular education program to the greatest extent possible,” i.e. well-supported.
      “Inclusion – the practice of placing classified students in regular education classrooms with all needed supports and services, ensuring appropriateness in the least restrictive environment.”
      Reprinted from A Basic Guide to Special Education, May 2007 Edition, Glossary of Terms. (Children’s Legal Resource Center.

  1. “Inclusion is a right. To include children in the same classrooms as their neighborhood peers has been the focus of federal and state law since 1954, when the Supreme Court observed in Brown v. Board of Education that separate facilities are inherently unequal.” New Jersey Council on Developmental DisAbilities.

  2. I thought the group activity about aggressive/assertive statements in an IEP meeting was extremely beneficial to all parties involved. I loved how you mixed the groups to include teachers, administrators and parents to work together.

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